Meet our Fit & Fabulous Female of the Month!

I’m incredibly excited to introduce a new section of the Heart & Seed blog – Fit & Fabulous Female! Here, we’ll feature “real life” Wonder Women and share their secrets on staying fit and healthy. So, our first Fit & Fabulous Female is beautiful Autumn Renee!

Autumn Renee, 25

Event Coordinator, Model under Moda B Management

Los Angeles, CA

Autumn ReneeHoodie Shot

What’s your passion?

My passion is to strive to be successful in anything that I set out to do, whether it’s conquering a certain goal I’ve set for myself or even trying something I’ve never done before – I’m extremely passionate about truly trying to be great at whatever I attempt.

What a day in your diet looks like?

A day in my typical diet is a protein shake for breakfast (if I decide to have breakfast), sandwich and chips for lunch, and then something like pasta with chicken or fish and rice for dinner. I’m not a huge fan of vegetables but I’ll try to include a salad or spinach if there are no greens on my plate. Those are two forms of greens I am surprisingly fond of.

What’s your “guilty pleasure”? 

My guilty pleasure is probably ice cream or chocolate. Love candy bars and M&Ms and things like that. Don’t like chocolate ice cream, though. 🙂 

Do you exercise? 

I am definitely not exercising as much as I should be right now. Probably about once a week. But I intend on getting back on track ASAP!

Your secret beauty tip:

I would have to say my secret beauty tip is water. I try to get in about 2 liters a day and that keeps me looking well rested and also helps keep me from breaking out. Usually with or after meals I do a full glass with lemon to help aid in digestion.

What’s your favorite Heart & Seed blend and why?

Peanut Butter & Jealous, because I LOVE peanut butter! 🙂

by Tatiana

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