Fit & Fabulous Female of the Month: Anh Vu

Anh Vu

Design Director at Premium Denim DSTLD Jeans

Los Angeles, CA

anh vu

anh vu

What’s your passion?

Making people smile and feel good with great fitting jeans.

What a typical day in your diet looks like?

Coffee! One large mug with a splash of soy to start my day. For breakfast, I like to whip up an omelet with spinach and mushrooms cooked in duck fat. Lunch is usually some fresh juice and chicken tacos from an all-natural place. For dinner, I’ll go with a shrimp salad or salmon with risotto. I love seafood! I avoid refined sugars, bread, and soda.

What’s your “guilty pleasure”? 

I do like a nice bottle of wine!

Do you exercise? 

I like the outdoors more than a gym. Going on hikes to see all the beautiful places in LA is amazing.  People spend too much time in traffic here, they need to see all the great sunset spots!

Your secret beauty tip:

Sleep. Water and sleep and more sleep. The older you get, the less you’re able to sleep. I go to bed at 10PM the latest to let my body rejuvenate.  People call me a vampire because I look so much younger than I am, but I’m really just a sleeper!

What’s your favorite Heart & Seed blend and why?

I like Beauty the most – it has the perfect amount of sweetness and who doesn’t want to be more beautiful?

by Tatiana

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